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WizArt STRONG Description

Pigments WizArt PR-VA, United States, packaging 10ml, 5 ml
the consistency of each pigment color may vary by liquid, the glycerol-alcohol-based. Have a high concentration of dye in mineral-VA in conjunction with the synthesized organic matter, which in the result makes the pigment is very opaque, gives a dense and homogeneous prokras. The loss of color after healing is negligible, not more than 30%. Due to the unique composition for a long time remain in the skin, from three years or more.
In a container look a little different than in the skin. Initially the impression is that some of the colors for the eyebrows give the red tint. Not to be afraid of this visual effect. Red dye part of the brow is different in composition from the black coloring, it is fine and dissolves much faster black. To verify this, apply some vaseline on your wrist and RUB on it a drop of pigment, You will see how the red color dissolves. To more accurately guess the color, it is recommended that a drop of the pigment grind on a sheet of paper cotton swab, previously well by shaking the container of pigment. In the skin color will look just a little bit lighter, but will remain in the same color scheme as on paper. The high concentration of the dye and a small amount of glycerin do not allow the pigment to "swim" in the skin, so they are especially recommended for "hair" technique, even after a long time, "hairs" can be seen clearly. If you apply the pigment by the method of shading (datirovaniya), to avoid dense procesov, so eyebrows don't look too bright. In the vast majority of cases immediately after the procedure, after healing and after a long period of time, the brow becoming colder range.
EXTRA DARK BROW Rich gray-brown, quite cold, the darkest in the palette. Suitable for brunettes and brown hair. To make this color warmer chestnut shade - add DARK BROWN. To lighten this colour, you can use LIGHT BROWN or MIXING#2
Rich dark DARK BROWN-brown color, looks more brown than EXTRA DARK BROW. To lighten this colour, you can add BROWN. When adding MIXING#2. You will get more light and warm brown color.
GRAY ВROWN Rich gray-brown, more gray than EXTRA DARK BROW. When healing looks dark-ash. To lighten the color and give a softer lukewarm shade, you can use LIGHT BROWN or MIXING#2 . The amount of MIXING#2 it is possible to vary the color saturation from dark-ash to light ash-Rus.
BROWN Color of medium intensity, neutral, very soft. May look a little warmer or colder depending on the color of their skin. Can be used both independently and in combination with any other colors.
LIGHT BROWN With a light brown color. When adding MIXING#2 will be even lighter. This color can be used in combination with any color from the palette for the eyebrows.
MIXING#2 ochre Color is used for lightening of pigments for eyebrows and neutralize lilac, purple, pink shades.

Pigments for lips:
New pigments for lips with a content of synthetic organic substances, with a fundamentally distinctive formula of manufacture, have gained a lot of positive qualities: comfortable, fairly liquid consistency, hiding power, the ability to evenly and very gently spread over the surface of the skin. In the container the pigments look almost the same as in sausen, color loss is not more than 30%. After applying to the skin immediately after the procedure the shade of the pigment may change significantly. After 4-6 days, after exfoliating the top layers of the skin, the pigment will acquire the intended shade. Causing the pigment to the paper, it dries instantly and this method will not give you an objective assessment about the actual tone of the pigment. Apply some vaseline on your wrist and RUB the pigment along with it, so you are more accurately able to assume the color of the future pigment and show it to the client. The palette of pigments for the lips is very versatile. It presents the most in-demand shades that can be used in pure form. For more variety of flowers you can just mix your favorite color.
LIGHT ROSE, Very light natural neutral pink. Reminiscent of the colors of baby lips. Gives a very fresh shade of pink. It is recommended to use for correction lip shape, without a clear change in color and brightness. Can be combined with all colors in the palette.
DARK ROSE dark-pink, more intense than LIGHT ROSE, dim. A very popular color and gives a gorgeous pink tint to the lips, at the same time not making them overly bright. Can be mixed with more vibrant or warm colors.
RUSTY Warm RED, red-is red. Gives a nice warm apricot-caramel shade on the lips. Good to use this color on a very cold bluish lips and to cover low quality "blue" or "purple" tattoo.
ORANGE is Used as a neutralizer blue and purple lips, blue and grey eyebrows, and poteplenie cool colors.
RED Red, bright enough color. This color is safe to add any color palette to give them more brightness or warmth. Can also be used as a neutralizer blue and purple flowers.
HOT PINK Bright pink color, not dark. Very fresh, reminiscent of salmon. Can be used both in pure form and to combine with other colors in the palette.
COLD RED Cool, bright, deep, reminiscent of raspberry. Suitable for the more "milky" effects. Can be used both independently and in combination with other, preferably more warm colors.
a Beautiful brick RED BROWN-red, neutral, not bright. Can be used alone or in combination with other colors.
CHERY Cold, very bright, suitable for "milky" effects, to achieve additional brightness can be added to other pigments.
CARAMEL looks like a very dark beige. It is recommended to use this color in combination with other pigments. It reduces the brightness of the pigments and gives it a more matte, muted shade. Can be used for the areola.
BEIGE Neutral beige pigment, used for decorative effects, camouflage imperfections and small corrections of low-quality tattoo. To change the shade of beige, you can use
small amount of pigment to lips. When you add it in black, it seals and prevents the possible spreading of the black thin skin of the eyelids.
WHITE White are used for decorative effects, radiance, creating a glare.
EXTRA BLACK is Very black, only used for eyelid contour. Not out in the blue. Can be combined with GREEN, or BLUE.
Black is used as well as EXTRA BLACK, looks a little lighter after healing.
GRAY is Used to contour the eyelids, the shading on the eyelids. Not used for the eyebrows.
GREEN Jade, green dark. Only used for eyelid contour. Suitable for a variety of decorative effects. Good use for green or brown eyes. To achieve a deeper darker shade, add a little BLACK to obtain a gray-add a green GRAY. Also can be mixed with BLUE.
BLUE Ultramarine, a very beautiful blue-blue. Only used for eyelid contour. Goes well with gray and blue eyes. To achieve a deeper dark-blue tint that can add a little BLACK to add the muted blue GRAY. It is also possible to mix with GREEN to get
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