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F&E Anesthetic

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Price: 399 грн

Tatooist (Tattooist F&E) 30 g

a Highly versatile anesthetic cream English brand Tattoist.

Apply it on the surface of the skin before the procedure for a period of 10 minutes on the eyebrows and up to half an hour during the procedure on the lips. This is a very effective response to customer complaints about pain treatments. Most of the customers after applying the cream, ABSOLUTELY do not feel pain, noting only tingling and the vibration from the needle. Strictly avoid contact with eyes! In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water to avoid the temporary clouding of the cornea. The calculation time of the effective anesthesia is available at a ratio of 1:3 (e.g. 15 minutes pre-anaesthetic give, on average, about 45 minutes of painless work). Store in a cool place tightly closed.

Weight: 30 grams.


Ingredients: 6% lidocaine 4% prilocaine, And 1% adrenaline.

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