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Machine for permanent Makeup GOOCHIE ZX-2011

Code: №236
Price: 4275 грн

the Most powerful and precise tool for micropigmentation. If you want to easily draw thin hairs of a perfect contour or shade

Machine for permanent makeup, is made using modern materials.

a Direct drive needle through the damper, five-speed (stepless) adjustment of the reciprocating movement of the needle, classic collet.

the Motor is 7 volts.

All moving parts of the machines for tattoo are made from metal.

machines for tattoo are made from milled aluminium.

Universal collet allows you to use the tattoo needle to almost any diameter.

seats under cap in a single unit with the housing of the machine for tattooing, it allows you to use almost any cap, and eliminate the wear of the lander, no longer need to buy consumables for caps.

Technical Data:
Input Voltage: 110V-240V AC50/60Hz
Output Voltage: 7V (adjustment) DC 7V 0.2 A
temperature Range: From -to 20 + 45
Storage Temperature: From -to 20+85
Humidity: 5% to 95%
Material coating: a Special grade of steel used in the medical industry.
output power: 28 W
a Possible transient overload: 120% min
Adjustable Needle length: 0 to 2.5 mm
Speed: 10000rpm~28000rpm
needle Size: 0.35 mm*45mm

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