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Anesthetic "PMU"

Code: №364
Price: 356.3 грн

PMU Cream 30g for the primary anesthesia.

the Composition: a Lidocaine – 5%, Prilocaine 2%, And Benzocaine and 1% Gentamicin and 1%. the Cream has a light texture, easy to apply and absorbed.


Procedure applications:

Processed surface is clean and dry;

Extract a small amount of cream on skin, RUB;

to Apply the second thin layer, not RUB, seal the top film (the heat underneath contributes to the quick activation of the cream and prevent it drying out). When tattooing the eyes apply a single layer without the film.

on of 15-60 minutes the film is removed. The skin in this place is blackness.

the Remnants of the cream are removed, leaving the surface ready.

Country manufacturer: USA

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