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Textured needles R-Line permanent pens 1 R (B) 0.30

Code: №432
Price: 5.7 грн
a Long needle, 5 cm Diameter 0.30 mm Sharpening In Is the needle of medium thickness and very sharp grinding.This needle will do a great job with the tight skin which is quite strong and heavily stained. So with the help of this needle will make a fine hair to thin and age the skin, where the thin line. It vibrates much less than the needle thickness of 0.25 and this is more suitable for lines. Goes well with all adaptors and machines with long guide type needle is accelerating and analogues. Can be used on the eyebrows to obtain a very small "pixel" or "dust". Not Recommended for rosacea and oily skin. This needle sharpening for oily skin is able to easily press on the pigment. On the lips can be used to obtain watercolor techniques. For eyes it is better to use for milesnick and hands.Eyeshadow should be used with care to avoid large pixel that healing can give the effect of dirt and swim.The needle has a longitudinal texture and is made of medical steel 316L, with low Nickel content that contributes to less skin irritation and a more rapid healing process. Marking on bundle 0,30х50ТВ
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